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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering

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Channel letters and 3D letters are a tremendously popular tool for creating building signs. Virtually every sort of business employs them, and compelling examples can be found in every industry.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignChannel letter signs are endlessly flexible and customizable, enabling them to embrace a nearly-endless array of different design and branding choices. Whether you’re looking for illuminated channel letters, flat dimensional letters, or an entirely custom signage solution, we’re ready to help you find it.

First Coast Signs is the region’s foremost designer and fabricator of professional commercial signs. We deliver fast service, quality work, premium materials, and affordable prices.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letter signs make up the majority of our storefront sign business. Channel letters are three-dimensional sign elements built up out of individual components – one for each letter, number, symbol, or logo in your sign. These letters are then secured to a backing frame that aligns them perfectly. Alternatively, we can flush-mount channel letters directly to the facade of your building. Each channel letter is covered in thick, durable acrylic, the color and transparency of which can be varied to precisely fit your desired appearance.

Channel letters are perfect for spelling out the name of your business, announcing a slogan, and displaying a logo. We can offer you every variety of style, font, size, and color for your sign. Channels can be fabricated entirely to order to include custom graphics or fonts in your sign.

Businesses as diverse as retail stores, malls, office building, grocery stores, shopping centers, industrial plants, churches, schools, and more all rely on channel letter signs to announce themselves.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignLike channel letter signs, dimensional letter signs use individual elements to spell out names and carry graphics. The “channel” part of the “channel letter” name refers to the hollow space inside the element for lighting. Dimensional letters, in contrast, are cut from solid material. (Material choices include metal, solid acrylic, and others.) Dimensional letters, like their illuminated brethren, come in an endless range of fonts, styles, sizes, and styles. You can also choose different material thicknesses, which affects the durability and three-dimensionality of your sign. Dimensional letters range from appearing nearly flat to being several inches thick.

At First Coast Signs you’ll find all the resources required to create beautiful, durable dimensional letters that match your business’s brand.

Dimensional letter signs work great for restaurants, offices, malls, retail shops, factories, and more. They even work great as indoor signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignChannel letter signs can be made far more eye-catching with the addition of LED lighting. Illuminated signs become even more impactful at night or in poor weather conditions, attracting new customers whenever they’re switched on. We take care of all the added needs of lighted signs in-house, installing electrical elements and securing them so that they will be reliable and safe during operation. We even take care of installation clean-up!

If your company does business at night, backlit or illuminated signs are crucial tools for helping new customers find you.

Lighted signs work great for businesses like theaters, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, gas stations, and convenience stores. Any company looking for a little late-night distinction will find lighted signs incredibly useful.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

At First Coast Signs, our mission is to deliver quality signage products, fast turnarounds, and experienced, reliable team members who will help you through every step of your sign project.

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