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Commercial Building Signs

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Every business should invest in their building facade to ensure that it creates a lasting first impression for all new and existing customers and clients. At First Coast Signs, it is our business to ensure that your business has an outstanding impression on everyone.

storefront building sign

Attractive, high-quality building signs will give you an edge over your competitors, giving you the opportunity to capture the interests of potential customer and clients therein having more eyeballs that translate into more dollars. We can help your business make that statement, be it in the form of a promotional sign that attracts more visitors or a long sign for building brand recognition; we can make it and install it for you.

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The Right Sign For Your Building

Building Sign

Every business will have unique requirements for its building sign. The sign should exude brand personality, and decide on what works best for the signage will need you to factor in other things such as your competition, target audience, location, and budget.

We will send our building signage experts to conduct an on-site evaluation to assess the building take measures and give recommendations for suitable signage products, elements, and processes that meet your needs and expectations. From the initial consultation to the signage design, manufacture and installation; we handle every aspect of the process including doing routine maintenance checks and repairs.

Types of Building Signs

Wall Sign

Our consultants may recommend a few of the common sign types currently available. We do advise our clients to pick signage that complements other signs nearby while still managing to remain unique or one that offers an outstanding contrast. Our building sign consultants will be on hand to help ensure that you chose the right sign for your business that also works based on your location.

At First Coast Signs we are masters of custom-crafted building signage meaning that your sign will look different and unique and with a cohesive touch to it even if you settled for a sign similar to what your competitors or other businesses around you are using.

Channel Letter Signs & Dimensional Signs

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Dimensional signs that have channel letter are a popular choice for many of our clients. They are versatile, and we can do them in a variety of font, color, and styles. The dimensional letter and channel letters to deliver personalized signs with unique shapes, numbers or even logos. The signs very popular among our vast clientele, from manufacturing facilities to institutions and retail stores.

We create signs that have a robust design and customized personality. The channel letters have a transparent face thus are an excellent choice for signs that need housed lighting. Dimensional letters are an ideal option for backlit display since they are cut from a single sheet of acrylic or metal.

Lighted Signs

Lighted Sign

Lit building signs will give your business more exposure during the night. For nightly advertising, most of our clients will settle for signage that has backlighting or housed lighting. The signage with channel letters can have a cabinet that houses a lighting element or can be backlit. They are an ideal option for business such as retail stores, theaters, gas stations, restaurants, bars, and convenience stores that operate till late and need signs with optimal visibility.


Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

Projecting Sign, Hanging Sign

Blade signs can at times be called hanging signage or projecting signage; they are installed vertically to a building instead of on the storefront. They are often done with the backlit cabinetry design and are custom made from wood, metal, or high-density urethane foam.

We recommend this building signs for businesses that want to stop foot traffic. Blade signs can be used together with storefront signs. They can also be used in conjunction with directional signage for a business located a floor or two from the ground floor of a building and do not have a facade sign.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Building Sign & Awning Sign

An awning is a double duty type of signage; they can be used as storefront protectors while also working as business identifiers. We do the awning signs on stretched canvas materials though we can also have them in various fabrics or materials such as metal. Our signage experts guide clients in choosing something that will work best depending on their specifications.

We always recommend weather resistant products to your clients because these offer a more extended service to the business. The awning signs, also called canopy signs, are an excellent choice for places that can do with a canopy. As such, they are popular with open-air restaurants and eateries.

Free Building Sign Consultation

We at First Coast Signs are always delighted to hear from you and glad to be granted the chance to make custom signs for your business, brand, or office premises. We understand the value of having unique branding and its impact on customer attraction and this is why we always strive to deliver the personalized building signage to our clients.

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